24Hr Enforcement

GreenerParking ANPR cameras systems offer uninterrupted enforcement of your car park 24hrs a day. Our cameras operate in all weather conditions.


GreenerParking ANPR systems can be provided completely FREE. Call 0330 058 1118 to book no obligation FREE a site survey.

Site Statistics

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How many vehicles visited your site TODAY?

How long did they stay? What makes and fuel type were they? How was the weather? Our ANPR system has the answers.


  • Vauxhall 16.29% 16.29%
  • Ford 14.32% 14.32%
  • Toyota 9.24% 9.24%
  • Volkswagen 6.84% 6.84%
  • BMW 5.29% 5.29%
  • Nissan 5.07% 5.07%


  • PETROL 55.13% 55.13%
  • DIESEL 40.44% 40.44%
  • HYBRID ELEC 3.42% 3.42%
  • ELEC/DIESEL 0.05% 0.05%
  • GAS BI FUEL 0.05% 0.05%



30min or less


1 to 2hrs



30min to 1 hour


2 hours to 3 hours

For businesses and organisations that have a car park, where time limits may be a problem, Greener Parking can offer our state of the art ANPR camera system that monitors timed overstays.  Cameras are placed at both the entrance and the exits of your car park, then any vehicle that enters the car park is logged, once the vehicle leaves and if the said vehicle overstays beyond a stipulated time the details are sent automatically to our control room. We then send the vehicle details to the DVLA and receive the registered keeper’s address, Greener Parking then sends out a notification showing where the offence took place.

As an added benefit the ANPR system can help increase the volumetric flow of the car park by deterring people from ‘overstaying’. Time-limits can be created at a suitable length of time to suit the specific car park based on your experience of how long you would expect drivers to remain on site. This increase footfall leading to an increase in turnover for the retailers. This system can also be used to extract data for analysis to offer valuable marketing information for Landowners and Tenants